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A Few Words About Us

About Sanskaar Learners Pvt.Ltd

Sanskaar Learner Pvt.Ltd is an organization of educationists,thinkers and psychologists,we are in service of humanity through running a chain of a combination of Play school and Day care center with the brand name SANSKAAR KIDS KINGDOM .More than two decades old experience has helped us build our brand name and is bringing opportunities to our doorsteps.This is forcing us to expand our network of services.

About Sanskaar Kids Kingdom:-We all dream of having cultured and well mannered children.When they grew up,they should have “Sanskaar”(values) so that their lives are full of happiness ,wealth and health.

We try to give our children the best possible support and comfort,even beyond our capabilities,by streaching ourselves.

We find that these days students are lacking in having”Sanskaar Education”Actually Education and sanskaar are not separate entities,education itself means mental, physical and overall growth.Where as Sanskaar is a conversion of Satvichar into Satkarm.

As per “Shastras”,”Sanskaar Kaal”(period)extends upto 6 years.During this period Sanskaars are indeed the most important. To fulfill this objective,educationist,psychologist,thinkers and sociologist decided to form an organization,thus Sanskaar educational consortium has been established. Further consortium’s endless effort resulted in the formation of Sanskaar Kids Kingdom a combination of playway school and Day care center on 5th July 2001.

Later on Sanskaar Educational consortium merged into Sanskaar Learner PVT.Ltd.New Delhi